Fabric Masks for Multiple Use



Fabric masks for multiple use 100% cotton


Washable masks and Sterilizable Fabric Masks

General multiple use.

Resistant and very comfortable.

Washable mask, made of 100% cotton, resistant material, for multiple use.

Double resistant fabric.

Fits perfectly with strong rubber bands without leaving mark on the face and behind the ears .

Washable and can be ironed. Easy to use and apply.

Wash in the laundry at 40-60 degrees.

Made in Greece.

Before use wash at 40-60 degrees or iron with steam.

Our fabric masks cover most of the face. Suitable for everyday use.

This face mask is reusable since you can wash it. The light weight and the soft elastic ring makes the mask more comfortable and better applied.  

Washing Instructions:

Wash at 40-60 degrees in laundry or by hand. Also, you can dry clean. Squeeze at low speeds. Iron at moderate temperature but not the rubber bands.

Instructions for removing the mask from the face:

  • We clean our hands with antiseptic or soap (3) three times: before applying the mask, before removing it and after removing it
  • We change the mask after each use or at regular intervals with a new clean one.
  • We first remove it from the support rubber bands on the face without coming into contact with its outer side.

In our online store you can find a wide variety of  fabric masks 100% cotton in various colors and designs.

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* For reasons of hygiene, the return / change of masks is not accepted.