Fabric Mask With Reflection

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Fabric Protection Mask with Certified Materials Design that makes easier the Breathing - Comfortable fit on the Nose and Ears even after many hours of use.

47 in stock

  • Made in Greece entirely
  • 100% Certified cotton fabric
  • 180 gr/m2 185 TCI (Thread Count per Inch)
  • It has a sealing plate for proper application
  • Washable for multiple use
  • Special design that facilitates breathing
  • Bacterial Filtration Yield: 90% (With a lower limit of 70% According to the Specifications (CWA 17553: 2020)
  • Breathability 33 Pa / cm2 IH 34391 (based on EN 14683: 2019)
  • Microbial purity <30 cfu / g IH 34392 (based on EN 14683: 2019)
  • Possibility of steam sterilization
  • Special design and manufacture for nose and ear comfort even after continuous hours of application.

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